If you live in Germany, you should be able to speak German. That is important if you would like to meet new people, find a job or if you would like to help your children with homework. It is also important to know certain things about the history, the society, and the culture of the country that you live in.

You will learn all these things in the integration course. The courses are aimed at migrants permanently living in Germany, at EU citizens and at German nationals not speaking German adequately.

Learn here under which circumstances you can take part in an integration course. More information in your mother tongue is available here.

Integration courses comprise 700 lessons and consist of a language course (600 lessons) and an orientation course (100 lessons).

Language course
In the language course you will learn the German language up to level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference. This will help you to communicate and get along in everyday life.

Orientation course
In the orientation course you will learn about German history, society, and culture. You will also get familiar with the values of the democratic system in Germany.

Final examination
The final examination consists of two parts: the German language test for immigrants („Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer“) and the standard test for the orientation course („Leben in Deutschland“).

Cost contribution
220,– EUR per module (exemptions possible in some cases)

In order to sign up for an integration course, you need the following documents:

  • a certificate of eligibility from the Federal Office of Migration and Refugees
  • an identification document

If you haven’t got a certificate of eligibility, we will help you apply for one.

Course times and dates
Integration courses take place on the following days and at the following times:

Days: Monday – Friday
Times: 08:30 h – 12:30 h (morning classes)
13:00 h – 17:00 h (afternoon classes)
17:00 h – 21:00 h (evening classes)

Course dates
Our next courses are scheduled for the following dates:

04.01.–29.01.2021 05.07.–30.07.2021
01.02.–26.02.2021 02.08.–27.08.2021
01.03.–26.03.2021 30.08.–24.09.2021
29.03.–27.04.2021 27.09.–22.10.2021
03.05.–01.06.2021 25.10.–22.11.2021
07.06.–02.07.2021 23.11.–20.12.2021

We currently use the following books in our integration courses:

Module 1 (A1.1): Schritte plus Neu 1 (ISBN 978-3-19-301081-0)
Module 2 (A1.2): Schritte plus Neu 2 (ISBN 978-3-19-601081-7)
Module 3 (A2.1): Schritte plus Neu 3 (ISBN 978-3-19-301083-4)
Module 4 (A2.2): Schritte plus Neu 4 (ISBN 978-3-19-601083-1)
Module 5 (B1.1): Schritte plus Neu 5 (ISBN 978-3-19-301085-8)
Module 6 (B1.2): Schritte plus Neu 6 (ISBN 978-3-19-601085-5)
Orientation course: Mein Leben in Deutschland (ISBN 978-3-19-011499-3)

Please buy the books before the course starts. Please install the free language course app (here) and the orientation course app (here) respectively and download the audio/video files.