Our intensive language courses consist of two four-week modules per level totalling to 160 (teaching) hours. New courses at each level usually start every other month.

Within a short period of time, you will learn grammar, vocabulary and verbal expressions. You will also find out many interesting aspects about German culture, society and mentality. Both small class sizes and our teachers’ individual commitment will help you to improve your language skills. Moreover you will get to know people from many different countries and cultures.

If you have already learned German before and/or are unsure which level suits you best, you can take a free assessment test.

Course times
Our courses take place four or five days a week at the following times:

Morning 08:30 h – 12:30 h
Afternoon 13:00 h – 17:00 h
Evening 17:15 h – 21:15 h

Course dates
Not all course levels and/or times are available each month. Please let us know in time which course level you would like to attend.

We currently use the following books in our courses:

Module 1 (A1.1): Schritte plus Neu 1 (ISBN 978-3-19-301081-0)
Module 2 (A1.2): Schritte plus Neu 2 (ISBN 978-3-19-601081-7)
Module 3 (A2.1): Schritte plus Neu 3 (ISBN 978-3-19-301083-4)
Module 4 (A2.2): Schritte plus Neu 4 (ISBN 978-3-19-601083-1)
Module 5 (B1.1): Schritte plus Neu 5 (ISBN 978-3-19-301085-8)
Module 6 (B1.2): Schritte plus Neu 6 (ISBN 978-3-19-601085-5)
B2.1/B2.2: Erkundungen B2 (ISBN 978-3-941323-24-7)
C1.1/C1.2: Erkundungen C1 (ISBN 978-3-929526-97-4)

Please purchase your books before the course starts. For levels A1 to B1 please install the free language course app (here) and the orientation course app (here) respectively and download the audio/video files.

Private lessons
In addition to our intensive courses we also offer individual private lessons. If you are interested, please feel free to approach us or to contact us by e-mail.